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Why You Should Choose Automatic Shades in New York

Do you dream of a day where your window coverings automatically open to let the morning sunshine in? When you install automatic shades in New York, the right amount of light in any room is at the push of a button. Shop with The Shades Factory today to purchase new automatic shades for any room in your home.

Why Go Automatic?

Automatic shades in New York make sense in a variety of instances. If there are particular windows you are often opening and closing throughout the day, installing motorized window coverings can save you a ton of time. You will be able to program the shades in all of your most used rooms so you can let as much or as little light in at any time. The lack of cords or chains also makes for a very sleek appearance.

The convenience of automatic shades in New York is second-to-none. If you are shorter or if your windows are very large, it can be difficult to reach the cord to open and close the blinds. With automatic shades, you will be able to control them with no effort at all.

How are They Controlled?

There are many different options for controlling automatic shades in New York. You can have a separate remote control to keep on your nightstand, or you can use your smartphone to control the entire house. With many people opting for more tech-savvy upgrades to their home, modernizing your window shades is only the next logical step.

How are They Powered?

Automatic shades in New York can be powered by two different ways. Battery motors can be recharged and do not need to be located near an outlet when installed. Plugin motors, on the other hand, will need to be near an electrical outlet. This is something you want to keep in mind before placing the shades, as some spaces may not allow for one or the other.

At The Shades Factory, we will help you find the perfect automatic window coverings for your home and needs. Contact our team at (844) 200-6415 today to learn about all of our available options.