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When to Buy Solar Shades in New York

Solar shades in New York are an increasingly popular option for window coverings. As part of the roller shades family, these shades are available in cord-free and motorized options. Every fabric used for solar shades is different, depending on the buyer’s preferences. Solar shades are beautiful additions to any home, especially if you experience any of the following:

Your Windows Face East or West

Though blackout shades are great options for east or west views, what if you want to experience that view? Solar shades in New York are perfect for this, as they block out the bright sun without limiting your view outside. You will never have to experience a glare in your home or wonder what the weather is like when you have solar shades from The Shades Factory installed.

Your Furniture is Close to the Windows

The UV light can damage your furniture over time, causing discoloration and cracking. However, solar shades in New York are a great way to protect your furniture from those harmful rays. Their construction helps to limit UV ray penetration, which will preserve your furniture.

You Want a Roller Shade for Outdoors

Solar shades in New York are an ideal option for patios and decks. This will allow you to block the light and heat gain in the space while still enjoying the view outside. The screen may also help keep insects away, so you can enjoy your time outside without swatting bugs away all day.

You Have Wide Windows

Many homeowners are concerned about the weight of the shade when they have wider windows. Fortunately, solar shades in New York are incredibly light and a perfect fit for windows of any width. Whether your wide windows are in the dining room or you have a sunroom you would like to protect, our window coverings are perfect for any room in the home.

When you are searching for a practical solution to your window covering needs, choose the solar shades available from The Shades Factory. Visit us instore or online to browse our selection of beautiful and functional shades. Please call us at (844) 200-6415 with any questions or concerns.