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The Differences between Curtains, Blinds, and Roller Shades in New York

There are so many options for window treatments that it can be challenging to choose the perfect one for your home. Many terms are often interchangeable, such as “drapes” and “curtains” or “shades” and “blinds,” making things even more confusing. However, everything from curtains to roller shades in New York has its own distinct style, which we have laid out for you below.


Curtains are panels of fabric that are sold in pairs. They come in many different widths, lengths, colors, patterns, and materials, which allow homeowners to get creative with their decorating. These window coverings hand from a rod, which can be hidden or on display and can be used with metal grommets, fabric rings, or a sleeve on the top of the curtain. Curtains can add a colorful pop to any room, and light can be controlled by pairing sheer curtains with more opaque varieties.


Window shades are soft fabric panels attached to a rod or frame and come in a large variety of widths, lengths, colors, and materials. These window coverings are designed to fit within the window frame, rather than extend below the sill like curtains. One great and inexpensive option is roller shades in New York, which can be rolled up with a string or rod to the desired height throughout the day.


Though similar to shades, blinds are often made of wood, bamboo, or metal rather than fabric materials. They are also adjusted by tilting them open or closed, rather than rolling them up or down like shades. This method means you will rarely have to lift the entire blind unless you want to open the window below. Blinds can come in many colors and wood tones but are not often patterned. Their design is standard and does not allow for a variety of customization.

At The Shades Factory, we offer a variety of different roller shades in New York that will suit anyone’s taste. All of our shades are crafted in the United States and made with environmentally friendly materials. If you are interested in our beautifully designed shades for your home, shop our variety of window coverings today.