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The Benefits of Installing Automatic Shades in New York

When you own a home, it is essential to select the best window coverings for each room. If you are searching for the best window treatment option, automatic shades in New York can be a great choice to have installed. At The Shades Factory, we offer an exceptional selection of motorized shades for homeowners across the nation. All of our products are American-made and are available in a variety of materials and patterns. Below are just some of the many benefits automatic shades can provide when installed in your home.

Incredible Convenience

If a room in your house has very large or tall windows, it can be nearly impossible to open and close curtains or blinds. With automatic shades in New York, you no longer have to worry about their height. With the push of a button, you can adjust your window coverings to your exact liking at any time of the day.

Automatic Programming

Automatic shades in New York can be programmed. You will be able to designate exactly when every morning and night you want your shades to open and close. This is an ideal setting for when you are out of town. The constant functionality of your window coverings will help prevent passersby from peeking inside and ward off potential vandals.

Many Sources of Power

With motorized shades, you can choose which power source you want them to function on. You can choose from a variety of power options, such as hard wires, batteries, or even solar solutions to provide a greener element to your home. For more information on our solar automatic shades in New York, contact The Shades Factory today.

Transform your home with our convenient automatic shades in New York. Shop online now to order your perfect selection of motorized shades to help bring a modern touch into your home. Our team at The Shades Factory will help you select the ideal option for your living space so you can have controlled comfort and protection every hour of the day. Contact us today at (844) 200-6415 with any questions or concerns about our products.