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Room Darkening vs. Blackout Shades in New Jersey

When you are looking for window coverings that help darken your room, it may be difficult to choose between room darkening and blackout shades in New Jersey. Though many people use these terms interchangeably, there is a difference between the two.

Room Darkening Shades

Room darkening refers to any window treatment that dramatically decreases the light in a room. Though these shades will not completely blackout a room, they will help make it much darker than many standard curtains. Roller shades, sheer shades, and pleated shades all have room darkening capabilities that allow you to control the amount of light without experiencing complete darkness.

Like blackout shades in New Jersey, these window coverings are great for bedrooms or home theaters. If direct sunlight is not shining into your room, you may not need to go as extreme as total blackout shades.

Blackout Shades

Once they are installed, blackout shades in New Jersey use a thicker material to block light out from a room completely. They are commonly used in bedrooms, nurseries, photography dark rooms, and home theaters, and are designed to fit up against the window casing to reduce light seepage.

Blackout shades in New Jersey are also great at reducing energy costs, but they come with the price of little to no natural lighting in the room they are used. Though they are great for those who want to use a room when sunlight is directly hitting it, they may not be ideal for those who do not want to have a lamp on during the day.

Whether you are ready to buy high-quality room darkening or blackout shades in New Jersey, it is crucial to ensure your investment covers your needs. Some people may not like the extreme darkness blackout shades provide, whereas others may require it to rest up before third shift.

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