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Improve Your Home with Energy Efficient Solar Shades in New York

Optimizing your home to be energy efficient is becoming increasingly popular. Many homeowners are investing in programmable thermostats, solar panels, and more high-end tech to save on their energy bills. What some people may not realize is that their window coverings can also be energy efficient. While many assume curtains and blinds are merely for decoration, the right treatment can help you save money in the end. Solar shades in New York can help you reduce costs and protect your home.

Protect Your Belongings from UV Rays

Solar shades in New York are great for protecting your home from damaging UV rays. Though letting natural light into your home is great, the sun can cause your carpet and furniture to fade. Experience the beauty of natural lighting and preserve your furniture when you install solar shades for your home. These window coverings provide the sleek look of roller shades with functionality only available with solar materials.

Reduce Your Energy Bill Costs

If your monthly bills are just too high, your current window coverings may be part of the problem. Our solar shades in New York absorb heat, helping to keep cooling costs down in the warmer months. This absorption will help your HVAC system function more efficiently during extreme temperatures so you can worry less about your bills throughout the year. Since they do not completely block out light, you can still enjoy a well-lit room while keeping your home comfortable.

Easily Protect Wide Windows

If your living room or bedroom has large, wide windows, it may be difficult trying to dress them with standard curtains. When you use solar shades in New York, you can easily cover these larger areas to help protect the rooms you enjoy most. They offer a minimalist design, so they are sure to look sleek in any place they are installed.

At The Shades Factory, we offer exceptional solar shades in New York for your home. Reach out to our team today by calling (844) 200-6415 to learn more about all of our available window treatment options. Start saving money on your energy bills today.